Sunday, September 28, 2014

Seven More Years of This?

Seven more years of inconsistent, inaccurate, unreliable Jay Cutler, is enough to make me want to be a San Diego Chargers fan.   Sucks that LA cannot sustain a NFL franchise (2 Baseball, 2 NHL, 2 NBA teams...   but zero NFL?!?!?) ... they drove out the Raiders and the Rams over the last 3 decades....  so very sad.

Granted, today's Bears vs Packer's game Started beautifully, but after 1/2 time it degenerated rapidly into an embarrassing turn-over fest, run-up-the-middle with no time-outs fest, tremendously poor officiating phantom calling fest (on both sides).  The only bright spot is that I didn't waste $330 on NFL Sunday ticket this year and instead watched da Bears lose on network TV.

Packets got Favre and then Aaron Rodgers.  Bears have gone through a string of more than a dozen lack luster, intermittent, hit-and-miss QBs who demonstrated they cannot deliver over the last 30 years.  Going into today's game Aaron Rodgers was 9 and 1 against the Bears.  10 and 1 today, without breaking a sweat in the 2nd 1/2.  Ugh.

Rivers from the Chargers is apparently not that much better... good thing that the weather is so pleasant in Southern California that I can always go out and do something else in the Fall and Winter than having to stay home and be miserable watching "my team" lose at football.

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