Friday, October 31, 2014

Last October Friday Off

Today's an unusually cloudy day here in Southern California, as 300+ days a year in Orange County are sunny or mostly sunny.  While the sky threatens to rain from a gray pall that hides the sun, not a drop has fallen yet today in my neighborhood.  But I've got the day off anyway...  as I have every Friday until the end of the year this year, burning up accumulated vacation days before the end of the year.

And while I thought I'd be relaxing and kicking back today... there's far too many other things to do / be done.
- 5:15am take DDF to the train station (I-5 was closed due to a crane collapse last night that blocked the whole interstate in San Clemente, forcing a convoluted train commute)
- 7:00am pick guava to take to yoga class
- 9:00am yoga in Chapparosa Park, in a class with my old neighborhood's neighbors (don't forget to take guava bags!) [it was partly cloudy in Laguna Niguel, and a crisp 65F for outdoor yoga]
- 10:30am doctor appointment check up (all is well)
- 11am parkour the Dana Point Strand Beach rocks, twice, and run the steps 5 times.
- 1pm pool maintenance, filter cleaning, chemical balancing
- 1:30pm clean up messy street-side sidewalk covered in smashed ficus fruits before Trick Or Treaters track it up to front door.
- 2pm blog about extreme right wing OC Tea Party inadvertently helping rational voters to fill out their ballots based upon criteria other than ideology
- 2:30pm clean up garage which has become a jumbled mess
- before dusk, prepare for Trick or Treaters' arrival
- watch DVR'ed Walking Dead & Dr. Who before DDF gets home (she despises Walking Dead)

Next Friday, I'll be actively fighting jet lag and avoiding curry dishes, but then after that... the rest of 2014 Fridays should be smooth sailing.

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