Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Heavy, Sept 11th, Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix

Dr Desert Flower saw on her "bandmate" iPhone app yesterday, that The Heavy will be playing September 11th at the Crescent Ballroom in Downtown Phoenix.  (link here)  Tickets are a whole $12 a piece.  We'll be going (and I'll be taking Wednesday off =P )

If you want to hear their new album, The Glorious Dead, Billboard has a nice story on them with ALL the tracks to play online (link here).  2 recycled earlier solid singles "What Makes a Good Man" and "Big Bad Wolf" along with 8 new tracks:
1. Can't Play Dead(4:22)
2. Curse Me Good(4:57)
3. What Makes a Good Man?(3:46)
4. The Big Bad Wolf(3:22)
5. Be Mine(4:14)
6. Same Ol'(4:01)
7. Just My Luck(3:02)
8. The Lonesome Road(3:59)
9. Don't Say Nothing(3:38)
10. Blood Dirt Love Stop(3:56)

The album came out while we were in Mexico on August 21st - somehow I thought it was September 21st, duh.  DDF downloaded it from iTunes and we enjoyed listening to it poolside while drinking ice cold adult beverages in the 104F dry heat, with 84F pool water, wearing SPF50 sunblock.  It was a good afternoon, with good tunes, good company, and good weather.  =) 

I'd like to get the "pizza box deluxe bundle" - if supplies still last ("pizza box" deluxe bundle, which includes a gatefold LP, CD, t-shirt, sticker, and 7" vinyl packed inside a cardboard pizza box bearing the album artwork.) but 35 British Pounds, plus shipping, is pretty steep.

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