Saturday, September 22, 2012

More Equity Is Better Than 10K More Salary

Over at I Love Charts they had this cool graphic this week (link here).
The blog from which they got it, was "The Upfront Blog" which is sort of cool, and useful, if you're looking to possibly change companies (link here).  It's fun to play around with and make the graph move.  =)  (and to note that engineers, in general [software engineers excluded], are under-appreciated)

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  1. In my experience, Sales Engineers can go way above that...especially if you land at a company that does not cap your variable comp.

    I think of it this way: giving me stock asks me to assume greater risk by putting all my eggs (salary, stock) into the same basket: your company. Paying me more in cash mitigates that risk by allowing me to invest elsewhere...or at least it lets me decide on an appropriate level of risk.


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