Friday, September 21, 2012

Mitty the Moocher

Mitt Romney plays about 1/2 as much in taxes as I do, and he thinks that's fine.  He doesn't pay tax on carried interest.  He writes off massive donations to his cult.  He thinks those struggling on government assistance are lazy, while he refuses to pay his fair share.   The richest 1% (who I am not part of, and none of whom will associate with me) have gotten immensely richer in the last 12 years, compared to the rest of America whose earnings and wealth - on average - have been flat or have decreased.

The blue states PAY MORE in taxes to the Federal government than the red states.  That's redistribution of wealth from the thinking, responsible, conscientious America, who would rather "help those here, rather than bomb those over seas"... to the moochers who take in more from the feds than they give to the feds. 

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