Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Carmona Is Not A Flake

Arizona's Jr Senator, Kyle, is "retiring" to pursue his true passion, self enrichment as a Washington lobbyist.  Serving his country, or state, or the greater good...  baaah!  From senator to lamprey... but that's an insult to lampreys. 

His anointed replacement from the GOP is Mormon farmer Jeff Flake, who is also an unspectacular Congressman.  Flake's opponent, is Rich Carmona.  Former Surgeon general, appointed by Bush.  Former army medic in Vietnam.  Former nurse and surgeon.  A millionaire entrepreneur in Tucson.  Oh, and did I mention he speaks Spanish?  He's blanketing ads on Phoenix radio and TV, and appears to be beating Flake, at this point, and has a fighting chance of turning the Solid Red Arizona's Senate representation to Purple.

Flake was mailing fliers via US Postal Service to our residence at the beginning of the month, saying how Carmona is Obama's "hand picked" candidate, complete with unflatering "mug shot-esque" pics of Rich Carmona next to "guy smiley-esque" Jeff Flake prom pics.  But as President Obama's poll numbers have risen after the convention, and Romney continues his downward spiral, those fliers have mysteriously stopped.

(note also how it was 102F at 5:18pm, in mid September, 6 days ago when this poll was shown on Channel 3)

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