Sunday, September 9, 2012

Don't Judge A Game By The First 3 Minutes

If you only watched the Indianapolis Colts vs da Bears game today for the first 3 minutes, you would have thought it was a Friday night blooper reel from a High School league.  As I cleaned up the kitchen, sliced organic celery, and got ready to do yoga, I was scoffing at the TV.  4th and 26, from your own 2 yard line?  Throwing an interception straight to a Indianapolis secondary for a touch down?  It was pathetic.  And I figured sports writers were already writing da Bear's season epitaph.  But then they got their act together, and blew away the Colts by 20 points, resting Peppers and Urlacher for most of the 2nd half. 

Just 4 more days until da Bears go to Greenbay, where the Packers will likely wipe up Lambeau Field with their visiting opponents on Thursday night.  I hope it won't be a wipe out, but ...  we shall see.

I love my DVR.

Pool time.. with rum..  is now on order for the rest of Sunday afternoon!  =)

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