Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Could Become A Chargers Fan

After watching da Bears blow it, year after year since 1985, and watching the San Diego Chargers beat the Oakland Thugs, er, I mean Oakland Raiders last week, I really think I could become a San Diego Chargers fan.   Yes, it is true, that the Chargers began as a Los Angeles team, but LA can't support a football team.  They've lost the Chargers, the Rams, and the Raiders.  Somehow, they support two baseball and two basketball teams, but every city has its quirks I guess.

I am going to try and watch more Chargers games this season, and perhaps... just maybe..  I can become a Chargers fan.   Being a Bears fan is just consistently, too damn depressing.  I spent my childhood watching da Bears lose, year after year, in Soldier Field, Lambeau, the domes of Detroit (on Thanksgiving) and Minnesota, and the occasional other stadiums.  Qualcomm stadium is an extremely LAME name... but I could get over that, maybe, if the team did OK year to year.  I'll always have a love for the da Bears, no matter how much they keep losing.  But it would be nice to root for a winning team, for a change.

And I hear there's lots of bio-tech jobs all over Southern California... so becoming a Chargers fan might not be so theoretical.  Il faut voir.   They DO have the nicest weather in all the US. 

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  1. San Diego is a really nice town. Very pleasant place.


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