Friday, September 21, 2012


C.Montgomery Burns had a video released this week... I mean... Mitt Romney, comfortably talking to $50,000 a plate donors at a private dinner in Boca Raton, trying to get them to write him checks for his campaign, let slip how he really feels about nearly 1/2 of all Americans.  All those silly Americans who work for a living, instead of investing, like Mitt and his plutocratic buddies. 

The Daily Show characterized the Mother Jones video perfectly, so I ma going to provide all the links here:

It was remarkable how "at ease" and comfortable Mitt was, amongst the plutocratic elite in Boca, compared to how rigid, stick-up-his-spine, inarticulate, forced-delivery his speaking was during town halls and diner meetings during the Republican primaries.  It's like..  he was an entirely different man.   Watch the clips yourself, to see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears.

2 million blurred views

moment of zen

Millionaire John Hodgeman's Eloquent delivery:

Minnie the moocher

You know, I pay a hefty sum in taxes - Federal, state, FICA, et al... and I voted for President Obama, and I DO NOT feel "Entitled!" as Mitt has emphatically stated all Obama supporters feel.  I DO feel entitled to an apology from both Mitt and his boy wonder Paul Ryan for being dismissive & condescending of 1/2 the electorate.

It's really sad how many poor, white, rural and suburban Americans will enthusiastically vote for Mitt, thinking his trickle down, redistribution of wealth from-poor-to-rich will somehow help them someday.  But that's how America rolls.


  1. I am one of that 47% Moocher Class. I paid no Federal income tax in 2010 (mainly due to business losses). I work 60-70 hours per week, usually 6 days per week. I have full-time employees, and pay many local businesses and individuals on a contract basis. My business pumps $300k+ into the local economy. Yeah, I'm a fucking moocher, Mitt. Asshole...

  2. You're entitled to the same apology I am. Though neither of us will ever get one from these plutocratic tools.


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