Saturday, June 9, 2012

Seccola Frizzante Prodotto da Vino Italiano

The Seccola Frizzante is a light, bubbly, inexpensive Italian white wine from Trader Joes.  I think we paid $6 for the bottle.  "Semi Sparking wine - Dry" the back label says (but my camera refuses to take back label shots this evening, blurring ALL of them).  "Produced in Germany from Italian Wine - ALC 10% by voll. 750 ml.  Bottled by Sektkellerei Peter Herres GmbH, Trier Germany, and imported by Latitude (that's how I knew it was a Trader Joe's wine).  Dr Desert Flower liked it.   In fact, over a two evening time span on a stressful work week, she polished off the entire bottle and I never tasted it, but she likes her bubble white wines.  If you like German bottled wines (Zer is a process!!!!) made from Italian grapes, or you're just plain old curious, try a bottle.  You might like it as much as she did.

She left the bottle out on the counter to remind me to get more, instead of putting it in the recycling bin along with the rest of the glass.   Now that it's duly noted here on the blog, I won't forget.

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