Monday, June 18, 2012

Percussively Tenderized Skirt Steak

For Father's Day, I tenderized, and marinated a 1.34 lbs skirt steak from Double Check Ranch.  The video, and audio, of the tenderizing process (with thanks to Geddy, Neal, and Alex's YYZ) can be found here:

JustJoeP drumming link here :

It was actually alot of fun to get a new tenderizing mallet (from Bed Bath and Beyond), an Epicurean cutting board, and then setting up the CD player, tripod, and lighting.  The room was FLOODED with light, but that's hard to tell from the video.  I chose YYZ for the ride cymbal with single double drags that is fun to do with a drum stick, but difficult to do with an aluminum mallet.

I sliced up an organic onion, organic red bell pepper, and an organic tomato, and some Grady's sauce, and let the steak and veggies marinade as I sat through Prometheus Sunday afternoon.  The carne asad was the best I've ever made.  This Will Not be the last skirt steak I ever have.

Each cow has only one skirt steak.  It's delicious, and (obviously) extra tender.  =)

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