Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rendezvous Red

High West distillery in Park City Utah makes some incredibly smooth, flavorful, high quality whiskey.  We had the good fortune of having the distillery recommended to us by Dr Todd, a colleague of Dr Desert Flower, who is an avid skier and who has visited the distillery previously. 

DDF and I went there last September enroute to Yellowstone.  She had a dirty martini, which she is inclined to do, and I had a Rendezvous Red, neat.  Mmmmm, delicious rye whiskey.   I bought a bottle at the "gift shop" that was bar adjacent, for $30, and it took 6 months to finish.

Early in the Spring, I spotted The Last bottle of Rendezvous Red at the Arrow Head Total wine, and snagged it for $32.  It took 3 and a 1/2 months to slowly, deliciously, sip that bottle down.  I'd never tried a good rye whiskey before.  High West is the Western United States oldest distillery, operating for over 120 years now, and they make a fine product.  I didn't get a hang over or head ache whatsoever, and the taste is...   well.. you've got to try ti for yourself, to be able to appreciate it.  It's on par with some of the finest cognacs I've ever tasted, but different.  Unique.  Wonderful.   If you have a chance to try some, don't pass it up.

My last lay-over in the Salt Lake City airport, I found a High West Distillery restaurant was opening up on the far far far side of the airport, near the international terminal (E, I think?), and the "American Bandstand" chain restaurant sells it at SLC as well.  Try it.  It's doubtful you won't like it. 

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