Monday, June 25, 2012

The Heavy, Vegas, The Cosmopolitan, This Saturday

DDF and I are going to see The Heavy this weekend at the Cosmopolitan
link here.
Who's with us?

Awesome, what you can do at the spur of the moment when you don't have little kids!

We'll drive Celeste up, it's 4.5 hours.  Should be a good show.

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  1. ...and to any JustJoeP followers who were offended, or who wanted to say "F* You JoeP!" ... keep in mind, DDF and I spent the better part of the late 80s and all the 1990s raising Nathan Jr, watching VCR'ed movies, and eating at Chuck E Cheese. So now, 2 dozens years later, we're gonna go have some fun. =)

    Also, no single JustJoeP follower was being singled out. We've got lots of friends with toddlers, elementary school aged kids and even a few with "one on the way" who are our age!


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