Thursday, June 28, 2012

Affordable Care Act IS Constitutional

Just in minutes ago, Affordable Care Act - what the radical right has labelled "Obamacare" IS indeed constitutional,  SCOTUS declared this morning (link here). It's not the beginning of Socialism, or Communism, or Fascism.  It's not "the end of Freedom & Liberty".  If you want to drive a car or fly a plane or go fishing, you need a license.  If you kill someone, you get to go to jail.  If you're draft aged and the country goes into a World War, you get to be drafted.  There's lots of things the government (Local, State, and Federal) can and will make people do, and buy, and pay for.

It's great that the US can FINALLY join the other industrialized nations of the world and provide some basic health care service for its citizens.  It's awesome that my son won't lose his health insurance next year when he turns 26, nor can he be denied coverage because of any pre-existing conditions. 

Justice Roberts, I under-estimated you.  Thank you sir for doing the right thing.

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  1. And for the engrained, ardent right, who really oppose this law, they should push for a provision to bar code everyone who wants to opt-out and NOT pay the penalty. It would be simple to implement. A wrist tattoo that paramedics and ER staff can easily see, or an implanted RF chip in the back of the neck or abdomen that can be easily & quickly scanned in an emergency situation.

    That chip or bar code could have all of a citizen's health care information coded within it (or use the tat or chip to reference it) and if they've opted out, that's fine, let them die. That's exactly what the 24 Republican primary debates showed the Republican electorate really wants to happen. SO if they want to die, that's fine. But let the rest of us live, thank you.


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