Saturday, June 16, 2012

Edge of the Haboob

Phoenix is being hit by a massive haboob this evening, which is approaching the city from the SE (from Tuscon) as it usually does.  There's a huge amount of bare, dry, non-vegetation-covered terrain between Phoenix and Tuscon, and in certain wind conditions, giant dust storms rise up.

The Arabic work for these, is "haboob". ( هَبوب‎ "strong wind")  just like the Japanese wood for a tidal wave is "tsunami".  Some ENG:LISH FIRST. ENGLISH ONLY f*tards in Arizona and around the US don't like the word "haboob".  They think it will cause soldiers to have flash backs or something.  They're stupid people.  A "haboob" will not cause a 22 year old to have flash backs anymore than using the word "tsunami" would cause anyone in Hawaii to have flashbacks (Hawaii has experienced 100s of recorded tidal waves over it's verbal and written histories). 

Dr Desert Flower noticed this haboob approaching as I floated in the pool this evening, at 106F and 8% relative humidity.  She ran out into the front yard in her bikini to take these iPhone snap shots...bless her heart!  =)  I tried to take a video from the back yard but the haboob approached so rapidly that the upper level wave was already engulfing landing Southwest Airlines 737s directly overhead, occluding them from sight, and my photos were (as my friend Ron says) "pants".
That is a dust cloud bow wave, not a rain cloud approaching (looking east from our front yard).
If you find yourself on the interstate during a haboob, pull over to the far right shoulder, and wait it out (20 or 30 minutes, visibility will return).  Take your foot OFF the brake pedal, so that other cars don't try to "follow" you as you are stopped, slamming into you at the near zero visibility.

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