Monday, July 11, 2011

Two Delightful French Rosés

While staying in Amsterdam Leidensplein, I found several nice grocery stores that sold fruit, wine, and other foods that are good for you.  These two, were each less than 6 Euros a piece.

Over the course of the 8 relatively warm Summer days, Dr Desert Flower and I enjoyed 2 bottles of the Côtes de Provence Château La Gordonne, and one bottle of the La Tulipe De La Garde Bordeaux Rosé appelation de controlee.  Both had nice apricot and pear notes.  Not too fruity.  Not sweet at all.  Deliciously dry, and kept chilled by the hotel room garbage can, filled with ice-maker ice, refilled twice a day (by me).  I brought a sommelier (cork screw) "just in case" in my checked luggage.  =)  It came in handy for the two bottles of Provence rosé. 

A glass in the afternoon, after getting off of work, or before dinner, or at bed time, helped to lighten the load on the wallet, and provide refreshing, available, high quality, inexpensive French wine in our Dutch hotel room throughout the week. 

Rosés are great when the weather gets warmer - 76F was about as warm as Amsterdam can get most summers, so it was appropriate there.  It was of course 117F in Phoenix the day we left, and 107F when we got back, so these won't be the last Rosés of the summer.

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