Thursday, July 7, 2011

Marketing Failure - Giorgio Armani

At the South Bound 2/5/1 Tram stop in Leidensplein Amsterdam, the geniuses at Giorgio Armani have created an intrusive, pollutive, annoying, nuisance.  The tram stop is not on fire, no, it is belching an obnoxious cloud of Armani fragrance.  Perhaps they like to refer to it as "viral marketing" or "push marketing" or "in your face advertising", but I call it "unacceptable".  Every 30 seconds or so, the top of the tram stop shelter spews forth "Acoua di Goa" or as Armani calls it: "The new fragrance for women".  It looks like the tram stop is on fire, or that someone has thrown a smoke bomb on top of it.  The fragrance is weak, and hardly noticeable above the 2nd hand cannabis smoke that occasionally drifts through the square from time to time.  But who was the brain dead moron who thought that spewing out clouds of fragrance could move product off shelves or 'create awareness' of the new product introduction?  The asshole should be drawn & quartered, or at least publicly flogged with a cat of nine tales.  Did I mention Amsterdam has a "Torture Museum"?

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