Wednesday, July 13, 2011

AZ Tea Party Conversation

JustJoeP (JJP): So you're in the Tea Party?
Retiree Wearing a Tea Party Shirt (RWTPS):  Yes sir, proud to say I am!
JJP: So you're all about returning to the US Constitution's Fundamentals?
RWTPS: That's right!
JJP: So you want to reduce the national debt, and have Government do only what is authorized by the Constitution that it should do then?  Get rid of illegal immigrants. Throw those fat cats out of Washington, and start listening to the people, instead of corporate interests?
RWTPS: Absolutely!
JJP:And you know the Koch Brothers, who are enormous funders of the Tea party, are the 18th richest billionaires in the world, some of the richest corporate barons in America?
RWTPS: Yeah, that George Soros is rich too....
JJP: he is rich, that's true, but the Koch brothers have him beat by nearly 4X
RWTPS: You got something against the rich?!?
JJP: No old timer, I don't have anything against the rich.  You see, I am the son of immigrants, the first one in my family to make it through college in 4 years, earn a good living, put my son through school, and I make more than you ever did. But I'm not a selfish and hypocritical bastard who thinks "I've got mine, screw you! Pick your self up by your own boot straps!"  I've read the US Constitution and all of its amendments, and I understand it much better than you do.
RWTPS: You smug smart-ass....
JJP:No, not a smart ass, just someone who is not going to vote against his own self interests.  Yeah, my household income is high enough that we would benefit from the Bush Tax Cuts being indefinitely extended, and my son might someday benefit from no inheritance tax... but do I really want him to live in second rate dystopia?  A dichotomy consisting of a plutocratic oligarchy, ruled by the likes of the Koch brothers?  Where the multitudes of poor are so desperate and you have to have armed body guards and security to keep you safe?  No. Have a wonderful day. And yes, this Glock is loaded with hollow points in an extended clip, and I am certified as a Sharp Shooter at 50 yards by the National Rifle Association, so it would be in your best interest to 'not tread on me'.

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  1. You should have asked him if he refuses medicare and returns his social security payments.


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