Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Punctual, Professional, Pebble Tec Repair

We noticed a rather LARGE crack in the side of our pool earlier this month, and ad the weather got hotter, it got larger and larger.  Last week, I called Shasta, the pool's installed (and head quartered here in the valley).  They foolishly told me they could send someone out to quote a repair in a month, mid August, but if I wanted to pay for a service call they could have someone there last Friday.  We were heading to Vegas Friday, and I despise shakedowns, so I emailed and called Mike Edgar at Phoenix Pebble Pool (link here) last Tuesday.  His auto-email reply was instant, and he called me back a few hours later.  We set up a quote to see the crack on Wednesday, and Mr. Edgar was able to do the repairs on Thursday at 6am, the day before our sojourn to Vegas.

Mr. Edgar said to lower the pool level "6 inches" and I clarified "so that the top step would be visible?" and he confirmed that would be fine.  Now, I could have used the pump, and expensive electricity to pump about 2000 gallons of the pool out to lower it 6 inches.  I've got enough pool discharge hose to reach the curb, but the chlorine level was rather low, and I needed a good work out, so I lathered up with SPF 50 sun block, and fetched an old kitty litter pale, and began bailing the pool last Thursday afternoon.  I dumped buckets of low chlorine pool water all around the back yard, for 2 hours, watering lavender, palms, sago, aloe, honeysuckle, hibiscus, citrus, lantana, and various other plants.  This freaked out many a lizard and cricket, but it effectively lowered the pool level.

As I dumped water over the deck adjacent to the crack, I found Just How Urgent the repair actually was.  Muddy Water began to seep back into the pool, through the crack! Yikes!  No more dumping on that side!  I also found 5 other smaller cracks around the pool, in addition to the monster crack (2 feet long, open, and able to insert a credit card inside) pictured above.

When Mr Edgar promptly showed up Thursday morning, he began work as I was on a conference call with India.  I pointed out the other cracks to him, and asked him what would it take to replace the caulk seal around the underside of the deck rim and pool wall?  $125 standard charge. Awesome, as it would take me probably $30 in materials, and many hours of frustration and drippy caulk to do it myself, I was happy to pay Mr. Edgar.  By lunch time, Mr.Edgar had finished the work, wrote up a receipt on his iPad, and emailed me a copy, paid in full.  Very nice.  Professional, prompt, courteous, customer centric, high quality work.  I was happy to write Mr. Edgar a check and avoid using the lethargic, indignant, and unresponsive Shasta. 

If your pool's deck is cracking, and you live anywhere near Phoenix, I highly recommend contacting Phoenix Pebble Pool.

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