Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Elliot Carver At Question Time

All this Murdoch-ian circus today made me think of what a wonderful villain Jonathan Pryce played in Tomorrow Never Dies.  Though Rupert was the inspiration for Elliot Carver, I think Murdoch is much more evil and frightening in the real world.  Especially since corporations are now super-citizens (citizens with the "right" of free speech, but not the threat of the death penalty or imprisonment).  They're not just "people", they are unstoppable, multi-billionaire juggernauts

When I looked up pictures of the principal characters, I found this nice one of Rupert with his adopted grand-daughter (Wendi Deng).  Then I found out this 43 year old former Chinese medical student, is his wife!  Terri Hatcher (back in 1994, as Paris Carver) was better.  =)

Though former home wrecker (please tutor me in English') Wendi, from what I hear on the BBC, saved her beloved sugar daddy from a full face of shaving cream by deflecting a well screened assailant in Parliament today by "bonking him on the head" (according to one reporter).

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