Monday, July 25, 2011

Anders Behring Is Not An Anarchist, He's Extreme Right Wing

Anders Behring Is Not An Anarchist, He's Extreme Right Wing.  All the bloggers and pundits who keep trying to do semantic and logic somersaults to state differently need to read this Bastion of liberalism, The Economist, for the details have have lead me to this statement (link here). 

The hateful, impotent, fearful, useless little tard who wants to be a 'soldier in uniform', but whose cowardice and evil have brought unimaginable grief upon dozens of families whose children he murdered deserves no more mention here, or on the radio.  I'm officially changing the channel whenever I start to hear about this grogan on the anus of the world.

Whenever I see his Warlock Julian Sands web-splashed image (Sorry Mr Sands), I want to see what he looks like after being a hard core prison girl friend for the next 20 years, in reality, instead of his little boy uniform wearing, Europe cleansing, megalomaniacal fantasy avatar.

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