Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dawn Dutch Deleterious

On Monday morning I left the hotel shortly after 7am, and saw a scene of carnage.  Broken glass bottles, vomit, paper debris, plastic packaging, 1/2 crushed cups, smashed cans, canine excrement, horse excrement, various residual fluids, littering the side walks, streets & hotel fountain (which had been switched OFF, probably to prevent the ingestion from all the debris & deleterious floating about in the water) - okay there was no excrement in the fountain that was discernible, but it was full of floum & jetsom.   I thought "did I miss a GIANT party Sunday night?".  A few hours later, the Dutch socialist state had it all cleaned up, and looking  geschikte again (neat / proper / tidy).
Yesterday morning (Wednesday), I got up to get Dr Desert Flower a "all day breakfast sandwich" and a "cinnamon dolce latte, non fat, no cream" from the Starbucks 2 blocks away from the hotel, at about 745am... and once again, the scene of carnage prevailed.  More garbage, refuse, junk, crap, littered the street, sidewalks, and fountain.  It was everywhere, but the Dutch had begun the process of reclaiming their city of Amsterdam.  Leaf blowers were pushing piles of trash, street sweepers were vacuuming it up, the tidy Dutch would not truck with the filth that had been spewed upon thier streets the night before.

Where does all the crap come from?  In the 6 to 8 hours from closing time to waking time, the influx of deleterious is remarkable, each night.   It's like the Wednesday after Mardi Gras, every night, in Leidensplien, and the blocks surrounding it.   I wonder what it would look like after a few days without the fastidious cleaning?  I am glad I don't have to ind out.


  1. I think you mean "detritus", although "deleterious" has a nice ring of editorial comment to it.

  2. You are correct sir, however, I just found this reference to be humourous as well.

    With advancing age comes loss of eyesight and cross-wiring of neural junctions. =)


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