Monday, November 1, 2010

Lions & Tigers & Bears... Oh My!

Lions & Tigers & Bears... Oh My!
McCain and David Schweikert and Dick Morris ... called, Tonight!
John Shadegg and Joe Arpaio and Ken Bennett... decry!
... all the evils of Pelosi and Obama that are rendering this country asunder like rabid purple flying monkeys who can only be stopped by the pure, true, and noble Republicans.

I am REALLY getting tired of the phone ringing several times every hour, with some Republican robo-zombie telling me how important it is that I support their candidate.  Even if I wasn't a rational, thinking, informed member of the electorate, and I was still somehow "on the fence" all of these relentless Republican Robocalls would have pushed me over the edge to vote for the candidate who didn't repeatedly intrude into my home via a phone line rudely, many times a day.

I'll be very happy on Wednesday when all of this madness finally comes to an end, and the calls stop, and the voters are stuck with the right wing tools they've elected.  The right wing tools who are going to tell Dr Desert Flower and I
- you have to take your son off your health care now, we're repealing it
- the insurance company can drop you, whenever they feel like it
- we're regressing back to the largest disparity in taxation to give the richest 1% of Americans 80% of the tax breaks (because, after all, they paid for all those robo calls, and pamphlets and TV ads and radios spots)
- Bush I's and Reagan's "trickle down" economics Really Did Work Great. honest, cross our cold lifeless hearts, it did.
and to the rest of America:
- Stop learning Arabic, you gay translators, and start learning Farsi, we're invading Iran next!
- the Free Market [TM] and boot straps are all anyone ever needs in life
- the Earth is only 6000 years old

I'm glad I'm getting my passport renewed this week.


  1. Silly, as soon as today is over the freaks will start campaigning for 2012. It never ends.

  2. yeah, but the robocalls won't start until Fall of 2012, and I think I will just disconnect my land line phone during non-business hours in October 2012.

  3. Do robocalls only go to landlines, or to cel phones as well?

  4. the vast majority go to land lines, widely published by geographic location (ie voting district). Cell phones are much harder to track - both Trac and I have out of state cell phone numbers, so the efficacy of the survey is further thrown into question. Congress tried to legislate no-calls-to-cell-phones some years ago, and put up some weak bill that you have to opt-out of being called to stay on the do not call registry specific to cell phones, but I do not have the time to research it this afternoon.

    Also, I think candidates don't want to piss off potential voters by using up their cell phone minutes (like giving out butter scotches in the South Park Douche vs Turd Sandwich debate).


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