Thursday, November 18, 2010

Shake Weight & Crème Fraiche

South Park's Crème Fraiche Episode last night was hilarious!!!  If you have not seen it, the link is here.
"by chiming and releasing a cool down spray"
Some awesome quotes from Shake Weight:
  • You are doing excellent
  • Great work
  • Now switch arms
  • Well, good job
  • You are amazing
  • You are very attractive and interesting
  • Keep going, harder, faster
  • This is a work out reminder, time for a reminder
  • That's it, work it, harder, faster
  • You are independent and strong
  • Switch arms
  • You are so motivated and charming
  • It is time to take your pulse, insert your finger. Put your finger in there a little more,
  • You are so lovely and elegant.  You can do anything you set your mind to.
  • You are a go getter.  You are strong and confident.  Tell me again about the women who you do not like.
  • You are so witty and alarming insightful.  How about a quick work out.
  • Just a quickie.  You can do it.
  • That's it.  Good.  Keep it up.  Feel the burn.  You are amazing. 
  • You are so strong and beautiful
  • You are very interesting
  • You have many interesting things to say
  • You have not worked out in seven hours
  • Your work out is finished. Here is some cab fare. Now going to sleep mode.

Do you have a quote of your own from Shake Weight that you like the best?

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