Sunday, November 21, 2010

Through Truth's Urethra

The Daily Show was remarkably hilarious, poignant, spot-on last Thursday night (I love my DVR), link here. (and if that link is broken, try this one here).  
"I didn't ask to be the truth.
Yet, I'm wearing the truth's suit
wearing the truth's glasses
peeing through truth's urethra."

In the tale of how Only Rupert Murdoch is standing between George Soros and the Amerika we can

"George Soros, the most dangerous kind of leftist... who has a better communist fighting record than the Reagan administration."

"You won't need your wife or husband anymore," he warns. "Because you'll be married to the truth."

Nice UK summary here.


  1. Excellent. Ok, you've inspired me to figure out how to watch this in the UK. It's on More4 and available to watch on the Channel4 website. Cool!


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