Thursday, November 4, 2010

Revenge of the HFCS Driven Hunger

As our son is staying with us recuperating from his head injury, Dr Desert Flower went out and bought some Yoplait yogurt last weekend.  I had some minor hunger pangs this morning around 930am (after starting my work day with hot tea at 4am) so I found the last yogurt in the fridge and ate a banana.  Not the typical handful of almonds, or (2) Baby Bel cheeses, or 3 scrambled organic, locally laid, humane eggs I sometimes have for a late breakfast / brunch, but I figured 'what the heck, why not?' - I'd not had an industrialized name brand yogurt in many months, perhaps all year.  What harm could one yogurt with a little high fructose corn syrup do?  And I thought (delusionally) that maybe the accompanying fiber and pectin bound fructose in the banana might somehow "buffer" the HFCS laden Yoplait. 

No way.  By 1130am (just a mere 120 minutes later) I was RAVENOUS.  My work day / work stress / physical activity level was no different than any other day (discount that variable).  I'd not loaded up on carbs the night before (discount that variable too).  My son woke up, and asked if I had eaten breakfast yet / was I hungry?  I responded to him, in a mode that was common when I was ingesting mainly carbs years ago "I must eat, before I kill!".  He remarked that he'd not seem me with that crazed hunger look in a long time.  My post-diabetic pancreas and reptilian brain stem got all that concentrated HFCS and went right back to their old mode of "EAT! EAT NOW! You're SOOOO HUNGRY!  EAT!"
I fried him up 2 eggs over easy, and scrambled the last 3 for me, accompanied by ample amounts of bacon.  Hunger all gone.  Eggs all gone too, but the Farmer's market is Saturday morning, and I'll be picking up 2 more dozen eggs there.  No more HFCS intake again for me for a long time.  I prefer to not have my daily activities driven by "When are we gonna eat next!?!?!?".  Lesson learned.

It is not surprising to me at all that diabetes and obesity are at epidemic levels in the US.

Oh.... and I took an internal company health quiz today, provided by our insurance carrier United, that says a 6 ft tall man is supposed to be 140 to 184 lbs, and at 200 lbs I am over weight!  LOL!  Yeah, there's no where on the survey to put in body fat percentage, a 48 inch chest size, or thigh diameter on a leg where I can see all 4 of my quadriceps outlined individually. It's great that the US health care system is incorrectly focused.


  1. I like Stonyfield, trader's point and brown cow (not in any order). I try to buy "cream on top" as it is not homogenized ... which gives it a better taste... although the BF prefers trader's point which is more "drinkable"

    I found a new one ... I'll have to look up the name (it's downstairs in the kitchen and I have a cat on lap and so am being held hostage upstairs with the telly on. *grin*)

  2. Fucking food inc...putting HFCS in everything. They stock Danon at work, and it too is laden with HCFS. They sometimes carry a generic brand without it, but damn.


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