Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Business Trip Fare

Whenever I travel to South Carolina or Georgia on business, I try my best to eat healthy foods, not fast food garbage and franken-foods.  I snapped this photo of my Hampton Inn hotel's work desk in Greenville last September, and misplaced the file until today. 
Wines by Total Wine:
Fontanyl Cotes de Provence ($9)
Chateau de Corntemps Bordeaux ($8)
Chateau Landure Minervois ($8)

Figs from Whole Paycheck (aka Whole Foods)
Tiny bag of Made in Nature organic Calimyrna Figs (for about the same price as the 2 lbs bag at COSTCO)
Tiny bag of Made in Nature organic Black Mission Figs (also exorbitantly priced)

Panera Bread Greek Salad, with Chicken (about $10)

I also stocked up on the Spanish Marcona almonds while there, since COSTCO Greenville had them while Avondale AZ COSTCO no longer does.  

I brought my own Trader Joe's chocolate and a cork screw in my checked luggage.  The wine and figs lasted more than a week, the almonds and chocolate 2 weeks, and I ate very little for lunch, with a sizable dinner, and typically no breakfast.  I find I have more energy, feel better, and spend less, eating smaller portions of good quality that taste great, than dosing up on HFCS and ubiquitous fast food.  It also helps when going out to lunch with colleagues with whom you're having a working lunch meeting, because when eating just a side salad, you're left with a great deal more time to discuss the business issues at hand, and update colleagues on various issues (yeah, I can be sorta loquacious at lunch sometimes).

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  1. and now they've built a Trader Joe's in Greenville on Woodruff Rd, so I don't need to bring my own provisions anymore! yayyy!


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