Thursday, October 2, 2008

Simple VP Debate Drinking Game Suggestions

To be "Fair and Balanced" this should be a non partisan drinking game
- you hear Palin non-answer, and talk around the question (eg: name one other SCOTUS decision you have disagreed with, other than Roe v Wade... and she answers "Roe v Wade" in a circular manner) you MUST take a drink

- you hear Biden talks for more than 30 seconds, you MUST take a drink (most people would be 60 seconds, but Biden is sooo long winded, he needs a shorter leash)

- you see Palin put her finger against her cheek, in an atempt to be adorable, you have to a) flip off the TV, and then b) call Bull Shit and then c) try to think happy thoughts while taking another drink

- you hear Biden mention anything about his "shot gun Beretta" you must finish your drink.

- you hear Palin mention not wanting the "Bridge to no where" you must do a) and b) and finish your drink

- you hear Biden tie McCain to W, nod and take a drink

- you hear Palin use the words "folks" or "6 pack" or "regular people" or where I am from" or "up in Alaska we..." you must empty your beer can, smash it against your forehead (to make the splitting pain of a CLEAR W comparison go away) and get another beer. If you are drinking from a bottle (as I will be, a Nice Puglia Italian red) PINCH your arm or leg really hard, until it welts. The welts (or forehead can circles) will help you remember tomorrow.

- you hear Biden talk about taking the train home each nice, get up and get another drink, finishing the one in your hand.

Other suggestions for drinking games are welcomed... I hope I am not too hung over tomorrow.

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