Saturday, October 4, 2008

My new 3 gram friend - Archilochus colubris

This week,
as I took lunch around 1130am, I noticed the wire clothes hanger next to my back door, had a male hummingbird perched on it. On Tuesday, he was a little skittish, and darted away rapidly when I came up to the window, but by Thursday, I could open the door less than 3 feet from him, and he'd not fly away. On Friday, Archi (short for Archilochus colubris) was posing for me, and he and I exchanged those high pitched click-chirp-squeals that sound like a 'high-pressure-squeaky-kiss / saliva-squealing-through-teeth-and-puckered-lips'. In that tiny avian brain, maybe he wondered "wtf is that human trying to say? ...but at least he keeps the feeders filled".

Anyways... I hope Archi sticks around all winter. Now, if I can just get the salivas, ocotillo, and aloe to bloom again, there'd be awesome incentive for him to "possess" my yard.

Note: my pool is still warm enough to swim in(82F-ish), but the lows at night are getting down into the lower 70s, so that'll make the pool 'colder than Lake Michigan' within the next week or two, sadly. I'll try again this year, to swim in November like I did last year... but Man! That Was painful!

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