Friday, October 3, 2008

Palin Debate Strategy Flow Chart

This is really quite genius, and hilariously accurate. Tip o' the hat to my buddy Matt and to Andrew Sullivan for posting it.

During the Debate, Biden admitted his "love" of John McShame at least 3 times, and used "folks" more times than I could count. Biden also created the work "Bosniac" (a maniac, in Bosnia?) and had 2 verbal gaffes, bashed Exxon Mobile no less than 4 times, and tied McCain to W or Cheney (the Dark Lord) on every statement he made, succinctly and straight forwardly. Now word twisting or circular arguements were necessary.

Biden did better than I expected.

Meanwhile, on the adorable folksy side of the stage, I counted
8 uses of "maverick",
1 "Joe six pack",
4 "you betcha's",
4 "gonnas",
2 Main Stream Media bashes,
3 "up ders" (as in "up der in Alaska")
2 "Darn right!"s
2 "hurtin like it is" (eg, the "economy")
3 "that's for sure"s
at least 3 "bringin" s
2 "blame game"s
1 "I and the others in the legislature" (confusing executive, with legislature)
1 "takin politics out of the war issue" ("war issue" - really? ... really?)
3 winks,
1 "dog gone it",
1 feigned ignorance, and
5 true ignorances, the former Mayor of Wasilla (population 6000), in my scrawled notes last night, while enjoying my delicious $6 bottle of Trader Joe's purchased Beneventano Aglianico, Epicuro 2006.

She could have done worse. With the Walmart / NASCAR / Rastlin crowd, I'm sure she "opened a whole can of whoop ass on that guy!"

My buddy Joe (in town on business unexpectedly) even joined Traci and I for debate watching hilarity and a Mexican dinner at Torta Rica.

My favorite quotes from the debate:
"I quasi caved in" - by Palin
"That's what were gonna do in Washington D.C. also" - by Palin, whose been there twice now!


  1. Bosniac (or Bosniak) is actaually a real word for Bosnian Muslims:

  2. I stand corrected! I was un-informed of the phrase, but it does not surprise me that Biden used it. He loves vernacular!
    "Judge's Ideology",
    "Unitary Executive",
    "Economic Engine is the Middle Class",
    "Non proliferation"... he did better at "dumbing it down" last night than he's normally done, for the general American public. All of the above, Palin would have stared blankly, looked at her flash cards, not found them, winked, and probably say "I'll have'ta get back to you on that one!"

    I'd rather have the balding, train-riding, corporate snuggling (he's From Delaware! that's like a ship captain being from Panama!), verbose white guy a heart beat away from the presidency, than a moose dressing, from-a-helicopter wolf shooting, former beauty queen who thinks the earth is 6000 years old.


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