Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fox Perspective

Dog Humor.. and then Fox perspective... it seemed appropriate. Heh heh heh.

Listening to Chris Matthews, and others spout off their perspective on TV following the 2nd debate tonight, I cynically said to myself... "what does Fox News show? I betcha they've got McCain winning, hands down!" So I go to Fox News and honestly... I am left dumbfounded.

At the top of the page, ok, they show both Obama and McCain's campaigns declaring victory. No surprise. Then they have their "make your own" electoral map (what a joke!) - all other NEWS sites have actual poll results, but since Murdoch can't show bad news about McCain, they leave the map blank.

Then... what really made my jaw drop... 25 thousand respondents, it showed 35% McCain, 65% Obama to the question "Who won the debate?" 2 to 1 margin, on Fox News! That's ridiculous! The Republican base, whose major source of "fair and balanced" news is Fox, are beating the crap out of McCain in their own poll... wow.

I checked again, 20 minutes later, and 39 thousand people have voted, and it's 31% McCain, 69% Obama.... I thought Obama did a little better than bitter old man McCain, but trouncing him? Wow.

McCain could not leave the room fast enough... he wouldn't even shake Obama's hand... AGAIN.


  1. That's probably a poll that got out to the netroots beforehand. Remember: Obama's campaign has been incredibly tech-savvy, raising millions online and even releasing an iPhone app for phone canvassing in swing states.

    And online polls are not scientific. Respondents are largely self-selected, and it's not too hard to script something that influences the results.

  2. agreed. Still, the "make your own electoral map" is pretty silly. Checking the online voter poll today, Obama is still up by 10%. Mute Faux News will be tonight, on the results of their own poll!


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