Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Charging Tax Payers for Family Expenses

312 nights. $17K charged to tax payers, for Not staying in the Alaska Governor's mansion, and instead, staying in her own home. Literally charging the state for living in her own home. I understand charging for living in a hotel... or traveling away from home... but literally $17K for staying in your own home, billed to the state. That sets a new standard for crap - straight talk... Hilarious! (the link is to FauxNews, for those Republican unbelievers).

In addition:
"The IRS likely also will want details about $43,490 the state paid Palin over 20 months for family travel, including commercial airline tickets the state bought for some of her children to join the governor. Bingham said taxpayers must show a specific business purpose for the state reimbursement, some actual work or duty performed for the expense."

Wow. How do I charge my employer for flying my son out to visit me?

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