Friday, October 22, 2010

Juan Goes Home

NPR let Fox Mouthpiece Juan Williams go after he admitted on O'Falafel's show that he's afraid of Muslims (link here).  A little heavy-handed, but not unwarranted, given Williams' consistent history of taking the Right Wing's side (as I commented here, a year ago LINK).  Williams did call out O'Falafel stating that it was wrong to over-generalize about a religion [you 'can't blame all Christians for Timothy McVeigh'] - but it was too little too late.


  1. "Dave Chappelle is Muslim. He is wearing ruffles and polyester."
    "This is Reza Aslan. He is Muslim and is wearing what appear to be “transitions lenses.”"
    "This is Aasif Mandvi. He is a Muslim wearing a chef’s hat."
    Sooooooo scary.... just in time for Halloween!


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