Thursday, October 21, 2010

"No Candidate" - AZ Vote By Mail Fail

As I was completing my early 'vote by mail' ballot, I received a 2nd ballot in the mail for a 2nd "special election" ballot.  Same format, same pre-paid envelope, same system... and if it actually had a real office with a real candidate to vote FOR, that would have been fine.  But see the photo below.  The "special election" ballot is on the left, the normal ballot on the right.

Notice the many offices on the normal ballot?  Notice the lack of much of anything on the special ballot?  Here's the zoom closer, on the special ballot:

 Seriously, "No Candidate"?  All the expense of printing, mailing (with full return postage envelopes), to send out a document that states "No Candidate", for a single office?  What a waste.What a colossal failure of government in wisely using limited tax payer funds.

I think I will have to write in "Joe Notatool" again.

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