Monday, October 18, 2010

Early AZ Voter Registration

As the sun was setting today, while my son studied for the GRE, I filled out my early voter ballot at the kitchen table beside him.  You can easily and conveniently vote by mail as well in Arizona:

One thing you gotta be aware of when voting early however, is the mortality of the candidates.  Jorge Luis Garcia, who was running for Arizona Corporation Commission (and who is currently a state senator) died of a heart attack last week, at the age of 57.  Instead of voting for the deceased, I may 'write in' my favorite "Joe Notatool" since there's no shortage of Libertarians and Republicans running for the post (vote for 2).  

Hurry, you have only this week left (before Friday) to register to vote by mail.  After that, you'll have to stand in line at your local precinct.

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