Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Yolk's On Trader Joe's

Yesterday, I scrambled the last Trader Joe's egg that I had, and now, in retrospect, that I'll ever buy.

The locally produced egg, from a flock of hens numbering in the dozens, all of whom had their beaks, all of whom ran around the barn yard (some getting eaten by hawks), with chicken feed being widely varied (including insects), not laced with antibiotics and hormones, laid one at a time and then hand picked from each hen's nest, had a harder shell, thicker yolk membrane (note the shape), darker color (meaning more nutrient rich), and tasted so much better (these were used for my son's French toast, and the next 3 [All Rhibafarms] for dad's scrambled eggs).  Delicious!

So sorry Trader Joe's, but you never responded to my inquiry about humanely raised eggs - probably because you could not reply without disgusting me.  I'll still buy avocados, almond butter, bananas, and English Stilton from you - and a great deal of reasonably priced wine - but eggs shall no longer be purchased from Trader Joe's, COSTCO, or anywhere that has more than 200 hens laying them.  And if Rhibafarms runs out, there's 3 other suppliers at the Central Farmer's Market who sell them as well.  Let the masses eat their low quality, low nutrient, cheap eggs.  I'm done with that, now that I'm in the 2nd half of my life.


  1. Yea! I'm glad you found some great vendors and real eggs. I love talking to farmer's, especially about how they raise their food.

  2. It was by YOUR prompting and reality check this summer, that got me to scrutinize my egg sourcing habits. So Ame, it's "all your fault" that I am abandoning my TJ eggs, and hunted down nice farmers. =)

  3. I'm willing to take blame. :)

    I am trying to be better about "forcing my views" on other people. but, in this case.. I think it was good?


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