Friday, January 4, 2013

Stone Brewery Loves To Brew Beer

Stone Brewery LOVES to brew beer.  Real beer.  Quality beer.  Not mass produced swill.  Craft beer.  Not industrialized, corporately mediocritized, least common denominator beers, like InBev, SABMiller, Molson-Coors, and Heineken.  These "big 4" control 95% of all world beer.  That's Ninety Five Percent of ALL World Beer.  The true Craft Beer producers make and sell just 5% of the beer in the world, but that 5% is the good stuff, the high quality stuff, the stuff that is not padding the wallets of corporate titans in mahogany paneled board rooms.  That 5% - Stone included - is being loving made by small companies that understand beer making, who are fiercely independent, and who are some of the nicest people on earth.  My beer drinking dollars will go towards supporting their efforts, going forward.

For a FULL list of the corporate lords who dominate the industry, see the bottom of this listing.  I bet you find one or more of what you THOUGHT were your favorite "craft beers" there.  Now, those former "craft beers" are being made in massive industrial processes, the profit from their sales siphoned off to make the 0.01% even richer, and the big four are driving forward their predatory acquisitions of the remaining 5% of the independents.
5 Amazing and Unique Ales from Stone Brewery

The Sublimely Self Righteous Ale had a hint of mint and parsley in it; it was interesting.  The "Perfect Crime" was very good.  The "Vertical Epic" (aka 12-12-12) was a bottle of Christmas, with clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, all spice, al combined.  The "Double Bastard" is one of the best beers I've ever tasted.  And the Smoked Porter was smooth and delicious.  Awesome, all around.  Highly recommended.

And at the Stone Brewery in Escondido, they have a large restaurant and bier garten, where they not only pour Stone products, but Huntington Beach Brewery, Rogue, and other craft brews as well!  They're not cut-throat assholes.  They're genuinely nice people, who want to make as many converts to craft beer as possible, and preserve their industry from the corporate behemoths who are trying to destroy them.  They'll talk to you about craft beer, sustainable agriculture, helping the homeless and food banks, being localvores, and even chat about bicycles.  They're very nice people.

For a list of beers that are now part of the 'big four borg' or assimilated corporate profit driven culture, the list below is provided for your reference, and as an obituary to the small craft beers they obliterated:

InBev in the US, aka: Budweiser, Michelob, Natural Light, Natural Ice, Bare Knuckle Stout, ZiegenBock, Ascent 54, Redbridge (gluten-free), Rolling Rock, Landshark LagerShock TopSkipjack Amber LagerWild Blue, Sun Dog, Beach Bum Blonde Ale, Jack's Pumpkin Spice Ale, Winter's Bourbon Cask Ale, O'Doul's, 180 Energy Drink, Stone Mill Pale Ale, Wild Hop Lager, Bacardi Silver, Tequiza, Tilt, Jekyll & Hyde, Bluecoat Vodka, Cape North, Hammer and Sickle Vodka, Ku Soju, Margarittaville Tequila, Purus Organic Wheat Vodka, Vermont Spirits, Hurricane Malt Liquor, King Cobra, Red Hook Brewing, Widmer Bros. Brewing, Goose Island Beer Co., Kona Brewing Co., Ray Hill American Pilsner, Starr Hill Brewing, Fordham Brewing, Dominion Brewing, Harbin Lager, Tiger Beer, Kirin, Bass Ale, Boddingtons, Beck's, Hoegaarden, Leffe, Stella Artois, Löwenbräu, Tennent's Ale, Budvar Czechvar) .... and if you want a comprehensive list of all of InBev's international brands (many of which you probably thought were still micro brews or true craft beers, but are now governed, distributed, and manufactured and controlled by 

InBev international:  Absolut Cut (Sweden), Alexander Keith's (Canada), Andes (Argentina), Antarctica (Brazil), Apatinska pivara (Serbia), Jelen pivo, Pils Light, Aqua Fratelli Vita (Brazil), AstikA (Bulgaria), Baisha (China), BagBier, Bass, Beck's, Belle-Vue, Bergenbier (Romania), Boddingtons (United Kingdom), Bohemia (Brazil), Borsodi Sör (Hungary), Boomerang (France), Borostyán (Hungary), Brahma (Global), Breda (The Channel Islands), Cafri (South Korea), Caracu (Brazil), Castlemaine, Chernigivske, Diebels (Germany), Diekirch (Luxembourg), Dimix (Germany), Dommelsch (Netherlands), Double Deer (China), E-Generation, Dutch Gold (Holland), Franziskaner Weissbier (Germany), Gilde Ratskeller (Germany), Guaraná Antarctica (Brazil), Guaraná Brahma (Brazil), GuoGuang (China), Haacke-Beck (Germany), Hasseröder (Germany), Hertog Jan (Netherlands), Primator, Oud Bruin, Grand Prestige, Tripel, Dubbel, Winterbier, Bockbier, Meibock, Hoegaarden (Belgium), Hougaerdse Das (Belgium), Jinlin (China), Jinlongquan (China), Julius (Belgium), Jupiler, KK (China), Kamenitza (Bulgaria), Klinskoye, Kokanee, La Bécasse, Labatt Family (Canada) Acquired in 1995, Lakeport (Canada), Leffe (Global), Liber (Brazil), Löwenbräu, Marathon (Brazil), Mousel (Luxembourg), Pivara Trebjesa (Montenegro), Nik Cool, Nik Gold, Nikšicko pivo, Nikšicko tamno, Noroc (Romania), OB (South Korea), Oranjeboom (Netherlands), Permskoye Gubernskoye (Russia), Piedboeuf (Belgium), Quilmes (Argentina), Red Shiliang (China), Rifey (Russia), Rogan (Ukraine), Safir (Belgium), Santai (China), Sedrin (China), Sibirskaya Korona (Siberian Crown)(Russia), Skol (Brazil), Spaten (Germany), St. Pauli Girl, Staropramen (Czech Republic), Stella Artois, Sukita (Brazil), Taller (Ukraine), Tennent's, Tinkov Russian Lager (Russia), Tolstiak (Russia), Vieux Temps (Belgium), Wolters (Germany), Whitbread, Yali (China), Yantar (Ukraine), Zagrebacka pivovara (Croatia), Božicno Pivo, Ožujsko, Tomislav, Zizhulin (China), Zhujiang (China)

• Aguila
• Aguila Light
• Americana
• Arany Ászok
• Arequipeña
• Atlas
• Bahia
• Balboa
• Balimi
• Barrilito
• Barena
• Blue Sword
• Brava
• Brutal Fruits
• Carling Black Label
• Costeña
• Costeñita
• Castle Lager
• Castle Lite
• Castle Milk Stout
• Chairman's Extra Strong Beer (ESB)
• Chibuku Shake-Shake
• Ciucas
• Clausen
• Club
• Club Colombia
• Club Especial
• Club Pilsener
• Club Premium Lager
• Club Shandy
• Cristal
• Cusqueña
• Cusqueña Light
• Debowe Mocne (Oak Strong)
• Del Altiplano
• Dog In The Fog
• Dorada
• Dorada Especial
• Dorada - Peru
• Dorada Pilsen
• Dorada Sin (Low Alcohol)
• Dreher Classic
• Eagle Extra Lager
• Eagle Lage
• Frisco
• Fusion Banana - Botswana
• Fusion Banana - Zambia
• Fusion Ice - Botswana
• Fusion Ice - Zambia
• Fusion Pineapple - Botswana
• Fusion Pineapple - Zambia
• Fusion Tropical - Botswana
• Fusion Tropical - Zambia
• Gambrinus
• Gambrinus Dia with lower sugar content
• Gambrinus Premium
• Golden Light
• Golden Pilsener
• Gran Riserva
• Green Leaves
• Grolsch
• Hansa Marzen Gold
• Haywards 5000
• Henry Weinhard's Amber Light
• Henry Weinhard's Blue Boar Pale Ale
• Henry Weinhard's Hefeweizen
• Henry Weinhard's Northwest Trail
• Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve
• Hansa Pilsener
• Huadan Dry Beer
• Huadan Yale
• Icehouse
• Imperial
• Kilimanjaro
• Knock Out
• Kobányai Sör
• Ksiazece Tyskie
• Largo
• Lauretina Clara
• Lauretina Preta
• LECH Free
• LECH Lite
• LECH Mocny
• LECH Pils
• LECH Premium
• Legenda
• Leinenkugel's Amber Light
• Leinenkugel's Berry Weiss
• Leinenkugel's Big Butt Doppelbock
• Leinenkugel's Creamy Dark Lager
• Leinenkugel's Honey Weiss
• Leinenkugel's Light
• Leinenkugel's Northwoods Lager
• Leinenkugel's Oktoberfest
• Leinenkugel's Original
• Leinenkugel's Red Lager
• Lion Lager
• Lowen
• Malta Arequipeña
• Malta Cusqueña
• Malta Polar
• Maluti Premium Lager
• Manica
• Mickey's Malt Liquor
• Miller Chill
• Miller Genuine Draft
• Miller Genuine Draft Light
• Miller High Life
• Miller Lite
• Milwaukee's Best
• Milwaukee's Best Ice
• Milwaukee's Best Light
• Mosi Lager
• Moya Kaluga
• Nastro Azzurro
• N'gola
• Nile Special Lager
• New Three Star
• Olde English 800 Malt Liquor
• Peroni
• Peroni Nastro Azzurro - International
• Pilsen
• Pilsen Callao
• Pilsen Trujillo
• Pilsener
• Pilsener - Ecuador
• Pilsener - El Salvador
• Pilsener Light
• Pilsner Urquell
• Poker
• Port Royal
• Radegast Birell
• Radegast Original
• Radegast Premium
• Raffo
• Raiz
• Redd's Apple
• Redd’s Dry
• Redd’s Premium Cold
• Redd's Sun
• Regia Extra
• Rhino Lager
• Royal Challenge Premium Lager
• Safari
• Salva Vida
• San Juan
• Saris Light
• Saris Dark
• Saris Premium
• Sarita
• Shengquan
• Shenyang
• Singo
• Sip
• Smadny mnich Light
• Snow beer 11°P
• St. Louis
• Stejar
• Sterling Light Lager
• Stone Strong Lager
• Suprema
• Tianjin
• Timisoreana
• Topvar
• Tusker
• Tri Bogatyrya Bochkovoye
• Tri Bogatyrya Svetloye
• Tropical Pils
• Tropical Premium
• Tyskie Gronie
• Ursus Premium
• Velkopopovický Kozel
• Velkopopovický Kozel Cerny
• Velkopopovický Kozel Premium
• Velkopopovický Kozel Svetly
• Vitamalt
• Whisky Black
• Wührer
• X-Cape
• Yingshi
• Zero
• Zolotaya Bochka Klassicheskoye (Golden Barrel Classic)
• Zolotaya Bochka Svetloye (Golden Barrel Light)
• Zolotaya Bochka Vyderzhannoye (Golden Barrel Aged)
• Zubr (Bison)
• 2M

Molson Coors owns:
Coors "Banquet Beer", also known as "Coors Original"
• Coors Light
• Killian's Irish Red
• Blue Moon
• Keystone
• Zima
• Winterfest (Seasonal)
• Wildwood Westlake lager
• Coors NA (Coors Non-Alcoholic)

Outside of the U.S.:
• Allbright
• Arc
• Breaker
• Caffrey’s Irish Ale
• Carling
• Hancock’s
• Lamot
• Mitchells & Butlers
• Stones Bitter
• Toby
• Worthington

Molson beers
• Molson 
• Black Ice
• Carling Black Label
• Old Style Pilsner
• Rickard's 
• Laurentide (Ale only available in Québec)
• Black Horse (only available in Newfoundland)
• India Beer (only available in Newfoundland)
• O'Keefe's Extra Old Stock (only available in Newfoundland)
• Dominion Ale (only available in Newfoundland)
• Old Vienna

And Heineken owns:
  • 1 Heineken brands
    • 1.1 Heineken
    • 1.2 Buckler
  • 2 Subsidiaries' brands
    • 2.1 Europe
      • 2.1.1 Heineken Italy
        • Birra Dreher
        • Birra Ichnusa
        • Birra Moretti
      • 2.1.2 Affligem Brewery
      • 2.1.3 Athenian Brewery in Greece
      • 2.1.4 Amstel Brewery
      • 2.1.5 Beamish & Crawford
      • 2.1.6 Bochkarev Brewery
      • 2.1.7 Bralima Brewery
      • 2.1.8 Brand Brewery
      • 2.1.9 Caledonian Brewery
      • 2.1.10 Cruzcampo Brewery
      • 2.1.11 De Ridder Brewery
      • 2.1.12 Fürstenberg Brewery
      • 2.1.13 Krusovice Brewery
      • 2.1.14 Murphy's Brewery
      • 2.1.15 Pelforth Brewery
      • 2.1.16 Skopje Brewery
      • 2.1.17 Starobrno Brewery
      • 2.1.18 Zagorka Brewery
      • 2.1.19 Zlatý Bažant Brewery
      • 2.1.20 Żywiec Brewery
    • 2.2 Africa and the Middle East
      • 2.2.1 Almaza Brewery
      • 2.2.2 Al Ahram Brewery
      • 2.2.3 Nigerian Breweries
      • 2.2.4 Sedibeng Brewery
  • 3 In partnership with Fraser & Neave
    • 3.1 Asia Pacific Breweries
    • 3.2 DB Breweries
      • 3.2.1 Tui Brewery
      • 3.2.2 Monteith's

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