Friday, January 18, 2013

Daybehavior - Train To Moscow

JustJoeP visitor Paulinda emailed links to me to Daybehavior's song "Train to Moscow" (from the 2012  album "Follow That Car!") that reminds me alot of Berlin (the band, not the city), Massive Attack, Moby, Erasure, Communards, and a little sprinkling of Mazzy Star.  The singer  - Paulinda - has a lovely voice.   It's light euro-techno-synth rock from Sweden, and not bad.

If it REALLY is Paulinda who emailed me (and not Daybehavior's publicist, manager, or some PR firm), then it is the nicest birthday present I've ever gotten from Sweden, and such a pleasant surprise!   Thank you Paulinda  =)  Your voice has an ethereal beauty about it, and Daybehavior's music is very easy to listen to and soak-in as one's work day finishes and you're getting ready to go practice yoga, oceanside.

Other songs - Silent Dawn, Hello, CityLights, It's a game, and Godspeed.  are similar in genre to Train To Moscow.  Have a listen, and enjoy.

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