Thursday, January 17, 2013

Delicious Monkey Balls And No Pig Rectum

So I made it down the 1500 descent about 10X faster than it took to climb it.   Posted "speed limits" are 15 mph.   I tried my best to keep it under 20 mph, but my disk brakes experienced massive brake fade, and I think I need new rear brake shoes.  I know at times I was doing 30 mph, and on several straight aways perhaps 40 mph.   The rough, bumpy pavement made for a bone jarring, up-on-the-petals, downhill run.

The killjoy ladies at the Conservancy office who sold me my bike pass of course showed big, 8-1/2 x 11 laminated pictures of smashed windshields where caress bikers had crashed through bus and truck windshields when they came around a blind curve.  Yes ladies, I am not 21 years old, and I am Well Aware of my own mortality.  I didn't need to see broken glass images.  I know I am not invincible.

I found the Lobster Trap in tiny little Avalon, and the bike rack that is 2 shops away.   I was able to loop my cable lock through helmet, front tire, rear tire, frame and seat, all in one easy loop, and then staggered into the bar.

Deon the bar keep let me try a small shot of Lost Coast Downtown Brown.  It was delicious, so I got a double pint for $4, and ordered some Monkey Balls.  Monkey Balls are portabello mushrooms stuffed with ahi tuna, and then deep fried.  So delicious!  We'd first tried them when DDF, our son and I sojourned to Catalina in December.  They were even better yesterday!

Lobster Tail Ambiance
Then, since I was still hungry & thirsty, I ordered a Lost Coast Porter, and thought about some calamari.  I asked Deon if there was any chance that the calamari was actually pig rectum masquerading as squid, and he assured me "I've watched the cook slice it, pound it, and fry it. It's really squid".  10 minutes later when he served me the plate, he joked "enjoy your pig rectums".  By this time I was 1/2 way through the porter, and feeling no aches or pain whatsoever, so laughter ensued.

Lost Coast from Eureka California is a small craft beer producer (48th largest brewery in the US, at 60K barrels), started by Barbara Groom and Wendy Pound, who have a fascination with English Beer. I will be looking for more Lost Coast beers in the future!

At the end of the second double pint (or my first 1/2 gallon of beer), Deon asked if I wanted anything else, so I asked him what his favorite shot was?  He made me an anchor baby.  What's an "anchor baby"?  Cinnamon spiced Fireball whiskey, Tres Leche, and a cream rum that was similar to malibu.  It was creamy, and tasty.  Finishing with A coffee with Kahlua, I headed to the dock with 10 minutes to spare for the ferry ride back, enjoying nearly the entire 2 to 4pm happy hour at the Lobster Trap to the fullest.
A nearly empty return ferry, on a Wednesday night


  1. Sounds like a great finish to the mission. Happy Birthday!

  2. It was really a fun day. Beautiful & challenging landscape. Delicious food. Excellent service. An old man can't complain. =) (well he Could, but it wouldn't do him any good).


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