Thursday, January 17, 2013

Such Terrible Weather

It was a hard decision today as to whether to do yoga in the sunny backyard, or to do yoga at the Salt Creek Beach up on the grassy knoll.   I went with the back yard, as DDF and I are going to go out to dinner tonight, and I didn't want to have to Rush Back Home in the late afternoon to get all cleaned up for dinner.
This was the local weather forecast that was shown on the Catalina Island Ferry last night on my return voyage.
Yeah, it's rough to live in Southern California.  =)

And I wonder, how many different adjectives can be put in front of, or behind the word "Doppler".  Here we have "megadoppler".  In SC there was "superdoppler".  I've seen "accu-doppler", "doppler now", and "local doppler" in other TV markets.  Sad that most Americans couldn't explain even the most basic principles of the Doppler Effect.... =\

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