Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Scorching of the Sago

Our poolside planted Sago palm began it's annual +110F scorching reaction to the intense AZ desert sun last week while I was out of town. Last year, we tried some spray-on shade "instant cloud" product I picked up at Star Nursery in Tolleson, before they closed their helpful doors and moved elsewhere in the valley. The massive, relentless, baking UV and heat was no match for liberal sprayings of the artificial cloud product. So Dr Desert Flower recommended burlap.

I picked up burlap at the local home improvement store, and secured it to the Phoenix-City-code-required-pool-fence with butterfly clips, that weathered without any corrosion in the low humidity desert environment - in SC they would have rotted out, completely disintegrated. When September arrived, I removed the worn burlap, and the Sago enjoyed the direct sunlight without the intense summer burning.

We'll see how well the plant thrives / survives this summer.

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