Monday, June 28, 2010

Netflix Cancelled

I just finished canceling my Netflix membership. We've had Netflix for about 5 years, and after moving to AZ, reduced it down to "one movie at a time, 2 movies a month" cheapest option. I found I wasn't even watching those, and the queue selection had dwindled to various foreign films, most of which were 2 star rated. Netflix's business model blew Blockbuster's (Lackluster Video) away. I tried to sign up for Blockbuster at a local brick & mortar store, and quickly found out that the online queue could not be interchanged with the brick & mortar movies. Sure you could return them at the brick & mortar store, but you could not go home with one and have it 'charged to' your online queue. FAIL.

Dr Desert Flower's Mac Book downloads movies very quickly online from the 20 Meg/sec Qwest fiber we have running into the house, and it has a fairly large screen. When we are home, she bought a fancy Belkin cable to plug into the HD TV so the Mac can play directly on screen, in HD. Should be more than adequate for the infrequent occasions we are home, on a non-school-night, watching a movie together - which has been about once / quarter.

And now I can begin to plow through the stored up Dr. Who episodes in earnest that I've DVR'ed over the last 2 months. =)

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