Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Brown Trout - Sustainable & Delicious

Earlier this month, while visiting our friends Steve and Ame in Chicago, we had the pleasure of taking a meal at Brown Trout on Lincoln. The service was good and personable. The wine list extensive. They seated us at 930pm, and we were the last table as they were cleaning up with mid night approaching. Pork Chops, Walleye, scrumptious deserts were devoured. Reasonably priced local, sustainable cuisine served. We were able to carry on a normal decibel level conversation that did not require shouting. It was a pleasure to dine there, and highly recommended. Thanks Steve and Ame for taking us to such a yummy restaurant!


  1. Yea! Glad that you both (?) liked it.

  2. so good to see you both, and really glad we got to show off the 'hood a bit.

  3. yes Ame, we both loved it! =)

    "the hood" - LOL Steve! yo yo yo


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