Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hypocritical Anti Semite Indignation

Hypocritical Indignation. Yes, the Israeli's acted with a overpowering hand in stopping the humanitarian aid flotilla from Turkey to Gaza, and it was stupid of them to shoot and kill people on the flotilla ships. Non lethal force should have been used. And it was very stupid of the people on the ships to attack the Israeli Defense force soldiers.

But this Outrageous International Indignation, Against Israel, pouncing on them for immediate action and sanctions, is complete and utter BS. Where is this outrage when Iran calls for the destruction of Israel? Where is the outrage when Hamas and Hezbollah launch rockets into civilian areas with the intent of killing civilians, causing fear, and propagating terror? Where is the outrage when the Saudis broadcast telethons to raise funds for Iraqi suicide bombers?

I don't care if you're an Israel lover, or an Anti-Semite. If you're gonna condemn Israel for doing something stupid and draconian, you need to condemn their enemies who target Israeli civilians, and Israel's existence as well. I am disappointed that Israel Defense forces killed civilians who were attacking Israel commandos who had rappelled from Blackhawk helicopters onto Turkish ships headed for Gaza, making diplomacy much more difficult, putting America in a more difficult spot, and eventually costing more American lives in Iran & Iraq.


  1. Careful calling people (or implying that they are) anti-semites Joe. Opposing the actions of the Israeli military is not anti-semitism.

    Are there anti-semites in the middle-east, including in some governments? Yes. Is everyone who has a problem with the Israeli military's raid on an activist ship in international waters an anti-semite? Not by a long shot.

  2. I agree Joe - I disagree with what they did, but the way the WORLD hyper-over-reacted is ludicrous.


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