Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jersey Gored, Psychologically

Dr. Desert Flower and I never really understood the reoccurring SNL skit where Bobby Moynihan parodies "Snookie" from "Jersey Shore", as we'd never seen this 'reality show' before. So this weekend, I DVR'ed "Jersey Shore" and over lunch on Memorial Day, we watched about 15 minutes of the 'first episode' of Season I. We are both now, psychologically gored, skewered, by the complete inane, moronic, lowest-common-denominator epitomized in this rush-to-the-bottom of society's most useless, self-absorbed, myopic, vacuous, narcissistic, douche-baggery. Around the 2nd commercial, I declared "this is enough of our lives being wasted, and consciousness being damaged" and deleted it from the DVR. How can anyone watch this show, and "enjoy" it, or feel ANY empathy / be able to relate to any of the characters showcased here? Yet 4.8 million citizens of Idiocracy LOVE this show. Ugh! I think I just tasted some vomit.
There is a positive aspect of the show - it does make any sentient being feel better watching such sophomoric dumb*sses who each think their offal has no odor make complete fools of themselves while each is blissfully unaware of the wider world around them.

The douches (not "Guidoes", no, douches, except HCwDB leaves the viewer to wonder"why is she with him?" while with JS it's very clear why the dumb shrews are with the douches) here make parents like DDF and I feel much better about how we raised our son, and how he and the young adults he hangs out with are not like these miscreants.

If anyone has any redeeming reason, why this show is worth watching - something we missed in the lost 15 minutes of our lives - please leave a comment here as to what that positive aspect might be. I'd love to hear it. I think I'm gonna start using JS as a "screening device" like the bar in "Talladega Nights: the Ballad of Ricky Bobby" used Jazz, Pet Shop Boys, and Seal in their jute box. I have never enjoyed any reality TV actually, but JS marks a new low water-line, considering it's wide-spread popularity. Yikes.


  1. it was 15 minutes of our lives we'll never get back.

    I cannot understand how people throw "Jersey Shore Parties" and idolize it, and want to be like the remedial buffoons portrayed in the show. The little boys on it are just pathetic, and the females are so orange, so full of silicone, so mercenary, so bitchy & self absorbed, they're caricatures.

  2. It's the same reason we bought pet rocks in the 70's: we are a stupid, stupid people.


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