Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Morning Yoga Studio

This is my morning yoga studio, over-looking Dana Point harbor.
It was an over-cast morning, in the mid 60s, but my yoga instructor worked us so hard I had to shed my sweats and finish the class in shorts (and bare feet, of course).  This is by far, head and shoulders above doing yoga in any hotel room, be it in Atlanta, Chicago, Bangalore, Belfort France, Schenectady, or anywhere else.  Hummingbirds and crows were heard nearby.  Pelicans, terns, cormorants, and sea gulls flew past.  Fishermen made their living in their boats off-shore.  And my abs & core are a little sore...  as my yoga instructor pushes us harder than I typically push myself when I practice alone at Sea Terrace Park in the afternoons.

Where do you practice yoga?

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