Wednesday, November 26, 2014

луна пирог (Moon Pie) aka Mogwai

I began DVR-ing PBS's Border Blasters that is like "International MTV" from 1985, with videos from various bands from other countries.   This week, they played a band called луна пирог, aka "Moon Pie" in English.  It was instrumental, and moody…  and I really liked it when it was called Mogwai.
Here's an example of луна пирог, with their song "What a Time to Be Alive"
(link here:
and if you think I am exaggerating about sounding like Mogwai, here's "I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead" (link here)

One is Russian, one is Scottish… one has a Massive English speaking fan base, and the other is virtually unknown in the US…  but they are cooking from the same cookbook, using the same ingredients.

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