Thursday, November 13, 2014

League of SI Superheroes

The League of SI Superheroes premiered last month at the NIST, and I meant to blog about it here
earlier, but got bogged down in other matters.  Matters? Yes...   the League can measure matter:
- Monsieur Kilogram
- Meter Man
- The Mole
- Professor Second
- Ms. Ampere
- Dr. Kelvin
- Candela (Don’t let her small size fool you. Candela’s power over light helps to brighten the whole world.)
They had their debut episode Desperate Measures in which you can watch at the NIST site here:  

Anything that gets kids more interested in science, facts and problem solving, instead of sports, religion, and video games, is awesome in my perspective.  (sure, sports, religion, and video games may be fine in small portions...  but too many people place Far Too Much time and energy into them, instead of figuring out how to make the world a better place.)

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