Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Just Let Me Get Some Gas

When I pull into a gas station, I want to get some gasoline, unmolested.  I don't want ANY push marketing blasted at me in audio or video at the pump.  I don't need any complicated & inefficient vapor capturing device that is so sensitive that it shuts off the pump automatically before my tank is filled.  I don't want beggars coming up to me and indignantly demanding change or "just a dollar" as they do at the PCH Chevron in Dana  Point near Gelson's market.
I don't go to Shell stations ANYMORE, as every Shell station I've visited in OC (three of them) have blasting, unwanted video marketing blaring from the pump on a tiny video screen.  The Exxon-Mobile stations have a blaring loud speaker over the pumps pushing ads.  The Costco gas station is of dubious quality, and there's always long lines (I know, OC problems).  Atlantic Richfield (in San Clemente) charges an extra dollar and a 1/2 at the end if you pay by credit card (insert rolling eye emoticon here).  And there's really not many Unocal stations.  So it is Chevron on La Paz, or on Crown Valley Parkway (CVP) for me.

But even my homey, local Chevron station has started replacing its pumps, one-by-one, converting them from efficient, working "CV" pumps to "O-C" pumps with a a spiral logo.  The "O-C" pumps are  overly sensitive and annoying as hell.

Just let me get some gas, please.  Until Dr Desert Flower buys the hybrid she wants, and then I'll be buying much less gas.

(by the way...   if you make your wife get her own gas, instead of refilling her car for her every chance you get, your father didn't raise you right, and you're setting a bad example for your sons. Yes, women CAN get their own gas, but they should never have to, if their husbands or significant others are doing their jobs proactively and looking out for them.  I've gotten one manicure in my life [and I will not get another], change my own oil, handle chlorine tablets bare-handed and do my own yard work.  Getting a little bit of gas on my hands from time to time is not a big deal.  The same cannot be said for the more delicate, feminine hand of an educated woman with a capable husband)

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