Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Minorities Today, Gays Tomorrow

SCOTUS today struck down the key enforcement clause in the voting rights act.  John Roberts handed Reince Priebus exactly what Republican state legislatures have been working so hard to do: suppress the minority vote.  It's not a big surprise, since Roberts has wanted to do this since he was a lawyer int he Bush whitehouse.  Sad how the voting rights act was last renewed 98-2 in the Senate, and +400-30 in the House, but can be struck down because of 5 activist Republican "Justices".

Tomorrow, I would be VERY surprised if SCOTUS does not uphold DOMA, and rule against equal rights for gay couples.  While SCOTUS referenced an "antiquated map" in the voting rights case, there will probably be no mention of an antiquated paradigm.

Maybe the silver lining will be that these stupid states who keep voting against their own self interests, will begin to change their defective state legislatures and governors... but I doubt it.

Welcome back to the trends of the segregated 1950s....  =(


  1. http://aattp.org/undeniable-proof-the-supreme-court-is-dead-wrong-on-racism-in-america/

  2. I was wrong....
    It's good to be wrong sometimes.


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